HighByte Intelligence Hub

HighByte Intelligence Hub is the first Industrial Data Modeling solution designed specifically for Automation engineers. It is the first DataOps application in the IIoT market, developed to meet the operational data processing needs of industrial assets, products and processes in the field (Edge), such as data association, standardization, data modeling, information flow management, security.

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Built for Industrial Data

HighByte Intelligence Hub was developed to reveal the qualities of industrial data. The software securely connects field devices and applications through open standards and connections. It models streaming data in real time, normalizes and standardizes various machine-specific data points and data models, and is used to annotate and detail data models without annotations.

Designed to Scale

HighByte Intelligence Hub is designed for data scaling. It transforms raw data into useful information and combines it with reusable models. It simplifies and speeds up modeling of tens of thousands of data points from PLCs and machine controllers. It efficiently presents the integrated and associated information to applications (predictive maintenance, analysis, planning, reporting, etc.) to applications.

Ideal Solution for Automation Projects

HighByte Intelligence Hub software is designed for Operations Technology (OT) engineers, making it an ideal solution for manufacturing plants and other industrial system integrators. It runs platform-independently, in-house on the Edge, shares the data it collects from built-in data sources (OPC, SQL, NoSQL, etc.) by scaling it with different platforms, and offers a code-free user interface.



Connect to data sources and publish modeled data to client applications without any coding/development.

The HighByte Intelligence Hub Link represents the path through which the inputs and outputs from the target are moved. Input represents any data point, complex object that can be read in the data center. Output is the container in the data center or client that can write data.

HighByte Intelligence Hub is able to support the connections listed in the table below through the open standards and APIs it uses.



Develop models to standardize and enrich industrial data.

A data model is defined as the collection and combination of raw data from various sources. You can combine different data models and create complex models with the model-inside-model structure. When working with industrial data, the data model actually represents an entity, process, product, system or role.


Control data traffic and data flowing to client applications.

Streaming is defined as mapping and applying data to and from HighByte Intelligence Hub. While the source of the stream can be a simple input, it can even be a modeled instance, and the targets are the outputs specified in the connection section. You can specify publishing options and triggers when submitting models to any system.

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